Understanding the Indo-Pacific


At MetisAsia we provide our clients with a strategic understanding of the Indo-Pacific region, focusing on political risk and corporate strategy. 


At the heart of what we do is our extensive regional network and our rigorous and proprietary analytical framework. We use these key advantages to provide our clients with unparalleled understanding of the political, commercial, socio-economic, and technological drivers of change and opportunity in the Indo-Pacific.  


Our clients are companies, policy makers, investors, and think tanks who want to better understand the world’s most dynamic region.



Developing An ESG Strategy

A leading research and risk advisory firm in Asia wanted to understand the opportunity for setting up a specific ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) offering. We examined three interlocking aspects: end market demand, the company's specific capabilities and how to differentiate this offering vs the competition.

The global market for ESG was analysed, as well as how this fast-moving sector is being implemented in Asia Pacific. Using a mixture of desktop research and interviews with clients, external practitioners, key ESG influencers, and the client’s own staff, a strategy for building an APAC ESG offering was developed.


This new service is attractive for the client's existing customers as well as a wide range of other financial institutions and corporates that might not have been traditional targets.