Understanding the Indo-Pacific


MetisAsia provides its clients with a strategic understanding of the Indo-Pacific region, focusing on political risk and corporate strategy. 


Political Risk. We are experts at the political risks of the Indo-Pacific, including China and its relations with the countries of the region. We use this knowledge to help our clients better understand one of the world's most politically complex regions, therefore enabling them to make more confident, informed management decisions.  

Commercial Strategy. The Indo-Pacific is fast becoming the economic centre of the world and MetisAsia can help clients access the enormous opportunities that can be found here. Our services include:


  • Strategic advice for organic and inorganic growth

  • Advice for Strategic Partnership opportunities

  • Organic growth strategy implementation

  • Strategic advice for fundraising

  • Exit strategy advice and implementation 


MetisAsia can arrange fact-finding roadshows for corporates and investors who are investigating strategic opportunities in the Indo-Pacific.


Geopolitical tensions are increasing around the world.  On the one hand, the Indo-Pacific is caught between a rising China and a flexing America.  On the other, the region is experiencing its own political shifts as economic development, demographic growth and technological innovation are sweeping a new Asian middle class onto the world stage.  Those with Indo-Pacific interests need now more than ever to understand the region's political risks in this time of macro flux.  

At MetisAsia, we combine our deep political experience and our access to some of the world's leading thinkers to help our clients navigate the unique and complex political landscape across the Indo-Pacific: from China to Australia, from India to Indonesia.  

We offer country specific political risk reports, regional and sector briefings, and speaking engagements. 


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MetisAsia Dinners and Private Events afford the opportunity to engage, discuss and debate with businesses, subject matter experts, ethical commentators, bulls, bears and dissenters in key areas of strategic focus.


These closed door events are private and exclusive.  All discussions are held under Chatham House rules.  


The MetisAsia Webinar Series covers topics of more general interest but from angles that our research shows to be strategically important. 

They provide an excellent virtual platform to hear from and share views with key thinkers and experts from around the world.    

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Complete due diligence for growth opportunities may require resources that investors and decision makers do not have in-house.  MetisAsia bespoke research draws on our range of resources deep in your target markets and sectors, including political, cultural, economic and commercial.  

We aggregate this laterally connected information to provide a rigorous and structured understanding of the particular opportunity and risks at hand.  

White label research, presentation and internal briefing services are also available.  

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MetisAsia is constantly assessing current and emerging discourse in the political, social, economic and commercial realms. 


Our thematic research examines evolving opportunities for investors, individual businesses and key sectors in Asia Pacific's leading, developing and frontier markets.   

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